I’m a versatile, driven developer punching above my weight.

Tonight, I’m probably building a side project, or at a meetup, or coaching aspiring devs. This morning, I pushed through a course or caught up on industry news before work — guaranteed. By day, I lead teams and champion standards while staying close to the code.

Prior to transitioning into web development, I fostered student success as a devoted ESL instructor while hustling nights and weekends to build a name for myself in the arts.

As a developer, I’m talented in time management, communication and collaborative small-team wizardry — pursuing professionalism day in, day out.

Key technologies

  • React
  • Modern🍦JavaScript
  • CSS, PostCSS, Sass

Growing skills

  • DevOps
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • React Native
  • Google Cloud Platform



I’ve built responsive, accessible and secure web and native apps for HSBC, Linklaters, Google, Strava, and Knorr/Unilever


A few hobby builds and passion projects

  • GitHub Explorer: An exercise in UI design built with Webpack, PostCSS-cssnext, ESLint and without Create React App
  • Flickr titles: Voyage the strange seas of otherwise overlooked file titles
  • Experimental choreography: Dance taught me how to mix craft with risk while navigating devoted collaborations


Robert is a brilliant developer. It was a real pleasure working with him. Technically his work was always rock solid, he carefully thinks things over rather than just jumping straight into a problem or task. Working on projects with Robert was great as he is very reliable and takes massive pride in his work. His communication is excellent. He also offers up proactive suggestions and improvements for either technical reasons or just to make the project or product better. Robert is a positive person to be around and he’s also pretty funny too which is a massive bonus!

I worked with Robert on a number of demanding projects. He's an excellent front-end developer with the ability to code pixel perfect renditions of designs across browsers and devices, as well as solid JavaScript skills. Moreover he's accountable and a strong team player, going beyond the call of duty to help bring in projects on time. He comes highly recommended!

I served as graphic designer for the fifth edition of FRONT with Robert acting as co-director of the publication. Working with Rob was one of the best collaborative experiences I've had. He's an excellent leader and author and is incredibly thoughtful, organized and considerate. I'd absolutely recommend him as a colleague or employee.

In the time I've known Robert, I was impressed with his motivation to learn & then apply those skills. He was one of my brightest students to date & was also helpful to his classmates. Following the class, he has been engaged with various open source projects & has shown initiative to contributing code as well as ideas, which I feel is a necessary characteristic for today's developers. I'm happy to recommend Robert for any developer positions & would definitely work with him again in the future.